Telecommunication Network Applications & Installations

MTEL company, having excellent organization, staff expertise and complete equipment, has the ability to provide any service in the field of telecommunication networks such as:
  • Installations of mobile and fixed telephony aerial networks
  • Installations of mobile and fixed terrestrial networks
  • Wired and wireless networks (wi-fi)
  • Applications and installations for signal amplification in indoor and outdoor networks
With a strong team consisting of highly trained engineers, long-term experienced and result-oriented technicians, we effectively provide all the necessary services for site acquisition, licensing, power supply, public works, telecommunications implementation and maintenance for mobile networks.
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Providing high quality services is our main goal. We succeed in accomplishing our mission by focusing on exploring potential areas for their suitability and viability, their ability to obtain permits and connect to the electricity grid, and implementing infrastructure and telecommunications projects with well-trained and authorized personnel.
Mobile access networks are in great need of continuous expansion in order to maintain a high level of availability and delivery for the requested subscriber services. In all networks, new base stations of all kinds – macro, micro and small cells – are necessary for the needs related to coverage and capacity for all current technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) as well as to prepare for future development and demand for upcoming (5G). Having undertaken a variety of projects, we fully meet their requirements.
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