Services & Equipment


The specialized services we offer to our customers require special tools and instruments. The company and its crew are equipped with the most special tools for all applications. Our company has all the required instruments, power meters, signal generators, frequency meters, spectrum analyzers, wiltron, numerous special computers that provide the ability of complete control and measurement of facilities. After the completion of any installation, maintenance or repair, we deliver to our customers a special measurement form.
M-Tel - Υπηρεσίες Όργανα
M-Tel - Υπηρεσίες Όργανα
M-Tel - Υπηρεσίες Όργανα


Our company’s activity is the provision of services of integrated solutions in the field of telecommunications, radio, television, communications of the armed forces, the Civil Aviation Service (Civil Aviation Authority) etc. The Company takes over services related to:

Installation and maintenance of integrated mobile telephony stations, pylons and other metal structures

Installation and maintenance of radiation systems of all types in the field of radio and television

Installation and maintenance of integrated mobile base stations INDOOR, OUTDOOR etc.

Installation and maintenance of radio connection systems of all types (SDH - PDH - ETHERNET)

Installation & maintenance of mobile telephony antenna systems

Installation of fiber optic communication systems

Installation and maintenance of leased lines (Hub & customers)